October LPS Learning Lunch: LPS students heading for the ballot box

This fall, Lincoln Public Schools students will head for the ballot box for Student Vote - and essential lessons in citizenship. 

The October LPS Learning Lunch focuses on this fabulous Student Vote event: Informed Citizenship in Action, featuring Jaci Kellison, curriculum specialist for Social Studies, and students with a passion for Student Vote.  The Learning Lunch is set for noon on Tuesday, Oct. 9, in the Board Room at LPS District Office, 5905 O St.  Learning Lunches are open to the public as well as LPS staff. Doors open at 11:45 a.m., please bring your own lunch – we’ll provide dessert.

Learning Lunches scheduled this school year:

  • Tuesday, Nov. 20: Welcome Center: Opening doors into our community for families from around the world, Laura Salem, supervisor, English Language Learner program.
  • Tuesday, Dec. 11: Recruitment and Retention of Talent in LPS, Eric Weber, associate superintendent for Human Resources at LPS.
  • Tuesday, Jan. 15: VOICE at LPS: Readiness for Resumes, Rent and Recreation, Tonya Jolley, coordinator of VOICE (Vocational Opportunity in Community Experience).
  • Tuesday, Feb. 26: Budget Development in LPS, Liz Standish, associate superintendent for Business Affairs at LPS.
  • Tuesday, March 19: Twenty-five years of student-built houses, Bob Freese, Lincoln Northeast High School teacher.
  • Tuesday, April 16: LPS Student Debate, Mindy Murphy, curriculum specialist for English Language Arts for secondary education.
  • Tuesday, May 14: Aprenda mientras toma su almuerzo con los Mariachis de las Ciudad Estrella! (Learn while you have your lunch with The Star City Mariachi Ensemble), Lance Nielsen, curriculum specialist for Music at LPS.

Published: September 27, 2018, Updated: September 27, 2018