LPS hosts kick-off conference for substitute teachers

Lincoln Public Schools will draw on a pool of nearly 800 certified substitute teachers during the upcoming school year. On Friday, nearly 200 of those teachers attended the LPS Substitute Kick-Off Conference at Moore Middle School.

During the half-day event, attendees learned about a variety of crucial topics: school safety; immigrant and refugee students; Chromebooks in the classroom; and student-engagement strategies.

Vann Price, LPS supervisor of secondary personnel services and substitute teachers, greeted them at the beginning of the conference and recalled her beginning days in education - as a substitute teacher. She also learned how vital substitutes are to student learning during her time as principal at North Star High School.

“I want to thank you for the work that you do. It’s very, very important,” Price said. “You ensure that students continue to have the great learning opportunities and active engagement that they have on any other day.”

Published: August 3, 2018, Updated: August 3, 2018