Welcome to a new school year: Lincoln Public Schools Leadership Conference 2018-19

Welcome to a brand new school year.

Lincoln Public Schools Superintendent Steve Joel Tuesday welcomed all of the school district’s administrators to the 2018-19 school year at the annual Leadership Conference – an all-day event that has become the annual launch of a new year and provides inspiration for the months ahead.  

“We talk about our school district and we talk about all the things we have going for us," Joel said, “and we know this: school is one of the most important enterprises that a society, a community, a state and a country can offer our children.”

“You’re a special breed,” said Connie Duncan, president of the Lincoln Board of Education, addressing administrators at Lincoln High School.  “Each of you are extremely valuable to our district - but most importantly to our students and families.”

Keynote speaker Nebraska Volleyball Coach John Cook shared some of the lessons learned during his 19 years leading the Husker volleyball program and how they can translate to the lessons learned inside schools: hard work, teamwork and motivation. In fact, one reason he believes his teams have experienced such success - four national championships and 13 conference titles - is that 60 percent of his players have come from households with parents who were teachers or coaches.

“When you come from a background where your mom or dad is a teacher or coach, you come from a background of being exposed to people who are helping, who are giving back,” Cook said. “They’re doing it out of love, they’re doing it because they care about people.”

At the end of the day, Cook said, as leaders, ask yourself three questions:

  • Who needs me today?
  • Would I be chosen for this job again today?
  • Would I want to be coached by me today?

Later, he directed his respect to those in the audience: “I really admire what you guys do - thank you.”

Published: July 24, 2018, Updated: July 27, 2018