LPS to livestream all six high school graduation ceremonies

Lincoln Public Schools is proud to announce that all six high school graduations on Sunday, May 27, will be livestreamed on the LPS website.

Those interested in viewing the livestream can log on to the district’s website - www.lps.org - and click on the special graduation page. Each high school will have their own stream that will start broadcasting at least ten minutes before the ceremony’s scheduled start time.

“Families most often want to celebrate their student’s achievement in person, but we also recognize there are circumstances that sometimes prevent extended family members from attending the event,” said Pat Hunter-Pirtle, director of secondary education. “We are proud to bring this opportunity for everyone to participate and recognize the hard work and accomplishment of these young people.”

For more about graduation, go to https://home.lps.org/graduation/

Published: May 14, 2018, Updated: May 14, 2018