Moore Middle School hosts 'Genius Hour Fair'

Moore Middle School hosted a “Genius Hour Fair” on Monday night, the culminating event for sixth-graders who spent third quarter researching topics and creating displays and presentations that showcased their findings.

Students and their projects filled the school’s multi-purpose room, where family and friends moved from one presentation to the next as students described their work.

They delved into topics as varied as their personalities - from chicken eggs to architecture, from electricity to influenza, from global extinction events to the effects of radiation on animals. They learned how to research their topics using reliable websites and databases, how to cite sources, how to analyze data and how to clearly present their information.

The term “Genius Hour” comes from Google, which allows employees to spend 20 percent of their work time on projects of their choice. This freedom for employees to pursue their passions has led to innovations such as Gmail and Google News.

Moore sixth-grade teacher Megan Jorgensen read online about teachers across the country using the “Genius Hour” concept to encourage “passion-driven learning.” She decided it would be a good fit for Moore, which opened in August 2017 with a mission of igniting a “passion in learners.”

“Students learn so many lessons from this project. They learn how to make connections to all subject areas with their topic,” she said. “They learn to follow their passions.”

Published: March 27, 2018, Updated: March 27, 2018