Young scientists tackle tough questions at science fair

More than 500 students from Lincoln Public Schools participated in the 23rd Zoetis-LPS-GSK Science Fair, held March 1 at the Lancaster County Event Center.

The fair is open to students in grades five through eight. Once they chose a topic of interest, students had to think of a question to answer, research the topic, write a hypothesis statement, conduct an experiment, record and review the results, and state the conclusion. They also had to prepare a visual display and an oral presentation for the science fair.

Here’s a sampling of questions that students asked and explored through their projects:

  • Does plant size affect erosion?
  • How does humidity affect a pinecone?
  • How does doppler radar work?
  • Can I use things in my everyday environment to write invisibly on paper?
  • Does density affect diffusion?
  • Which oil or preservative will prevent rust from forming on steel over time?
  • What is the best liquid solution to germinate and sustain plant growth?
  • How does water move through a plant?

Published: March 5, 2018, Updated: March 6, 2018