Highlights of 12/12 Lincoln Board of Education meeting

The Lincoln Board of Education held a regular meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 12 at Lincoln Public Schools District Office, 5905 O St. The Board will hold its next meeting on Jan. 9 at 6 p.m.

Board looks forward, approves refreshed LPS strategic plan

After a comprehensive community engagement process over the past year, the Lincoln Board of Education Tuesday approved a new and refreshed strategic plan to take the school district through the next five years.

“The community has really reached out and helped us decide how to guide the district in the next five years,” said Board President Lanny Boswell.  “I look forward to taking this plan forward.” 

The Board determined to create an overarching vision for the new strategic plan that states: “To prepare all students to be college, career and civic-life ready with a goal of 90 percent on-time graduation.” 

The new strategic plan then focuses on five major thematic areas: academic success for students, global citizenship for all students, support for educators, family and community partnerships, and growth ready facilities.

The themes and goals are:

Future Ready Global Citizens:

  • Investigate the feasibility of developing additional K-12 focus programs, strengthening existing focus programs, and other programming options.
  • Develop plans to address the need for students to have greater exposure to world languages and cultures.

Support Academic Success for all Students:

  • Expand delivery model opportunities to allow for flexible scheduling.
  • Expand plans to address mental health needs of students.
  • Assess feasibility to expand access to high quality early childhood program access through additional full-day and part-day program options.
  • Increase movement opportunities throughout the school day to support developmental, physical and social needs of students.

Support for Educators:

  • Research and implement strategies to recruit, hire, develop, support and retain the highest quality and diverse staff.
  • Evaluate district assessments to determine the impact on classroom time and student performance.

Family and Community Partnerships:

  • Work toward providing all students access to full-service community schools that provide after school programs.

Growth ready facilities and infrastructure:

  • Research and develop facility plans to address growing high school enrollment.
  • Continue to update the LPS 10-year Facilities and Infrastructure Plan. 

The strategic plan draft is the result of intense community participation and support in an initiative that began early last school year – an initiative that included 49 community sessions and 3,800 responses from community citizens.  Data collected from community engagement was passed onto a Community Study Team – made up of community members and LPS staff – and then reviewed and modified through two Board work sessions.  

Attendance areas for newly annexed property

The Board approved attendance areas for newly annexed city property near Yankee Hill Road and South 40th Street.  Attendance areas will be: Humann Elementary School, Pound Middle School and Lincoln Southeast High School.

LPS Policy

The Board approved revisions in policy series 4000 related to Human Resources, including changes for Equal Employment Opportunity and Recruitment. 


The Board approved an application for a Woods Charitable Fund Breakthrough Initiative Grant.

The Board considered submission of a grant request to United Way to help continue to support the Two Generations – Family Literacy project.  They will vote final approval at the Jan. 9 Board meeting.

Data Snapshot

Instructional leaders presented a variety of scores and evaluation data – previously released to the public – to give Board members a “Data Snapshot” of the school district.

“I want to stress that we are using this data all year long,” said Jane Stavem, associate superintendent for Instruction at LPS.  “We have many systems in place for analyzing data at a school level – and we are getting better and better in using this data in more meaningful ways…We are also getting better looking at data, student by student, determining what they need to continue to be successful.” 

Stavem explained that educators from across the school district will come together to identify common threads and common possible strategies.  “We will look at individual stories of our students and ask questions such as: What barriers can we take out of the way? What adjustments do we need to make?”

Update on Refunding Series 2010 Build America Bond issue

The Board was given an update on their previous approval for refunding of the series 2010 Build America Bond Issue.  The purpose of advanced refunding is to take on bonds at a lower interest rate. The refunding resulted in 6.3 percent taxpayer savings – or just over $2.9 million.

Staff Celebration

The Lincoln Board of Education recognized Lincoln Public Schools employees who have given the school district 25 years of professional service: 

  1.   Darcy Ahlman
  2.   Linda Bouwens
  3.   Leslie Brown
  4.   Carrie Burkey
  5.  James Danson
  6.   Kathryn Dean
  7.  Sandra Devlin
  8.   Susan Dinsdale
  9.   Julia Dixon
  10. Robin Douglas-Lundy
  11. Kathleen Drahota
  12. Teresa Drake
  13. Richard Drommond
  14. Lynette Dunse
  15. Deborah Eastman
  16. Julie Eschliman
  17. Patrick Gatzemeyer
  18. Stacey Haney
  19. Sandra Hanson
  20. Stacey Heiser
  21. Richard Herrera
  22. Kathy Hoffart
  23. Anne Hubbell
  24. Kevin Hubbell
  25. Trisha Knoell
  26. Lisa Kramer-Hansen
  27. Karen Krull
  28. Karen Langan
  29. Roman Lys
  30. Robert McEntarffer
  31. Kelly Mitchell
  32. Carol Moravec
  33. Lisa Morehouse
  34. Marsha Munger
  35. Allegra Penington
  36. Nancy Peters
  37. Richard Powers
  38. Darin Raguse
  39. Cynthia Sell
  40. John Snoozy
  41. Joyce Sohl
  42. Pamela Steckelberg
  43. Stacy Steffensmeier
  44. Shari Stock
  45. Donna Straight
  46. Larry Sypho
  47. Scott Vicroy
  48. Sherry West
  49. Sandra Whiston
  50. Judith Wittwer
  51. Cheryl Wood
  52. Gary Zellweger
  53. Mara Zigurs


Published: December 12, 2017, Updated: December 12, 2017