Harvest of Books cultivates the gift of reading

Some very excited Hartley Elementary School students were given a special suprise heading into the Thanksgiving break. To help promote a life-long love of reading, the Lincoln Education Association (LEA) gifted every first- and second-grade student at Lincoln Public Schools their very own book during the annual Harvest of Books event.

Each student was able to browse through a pile of books pre-selected for them and choose a title that fit their interest and reading level. 

"The book I got was 'My Loose Tooth' because I lost three teeth," exclaimed first-grader Zakiaha.

Classmate Alexander chimed in, "Mine's about dinosaurs. This is a green T-rex, and this is a yellow one!"

Harvest of Books began in 1997. Since then, the LEA has collected and distributed over 170,000 new books to every child in the first and second grade in Lincoln. Over 7,400 books are being given out this year.

LEA collects donations year-round for Harvest of Books. Every October, local booksellers partner with LEA to help those wishing to donate pick out age appropriate titles to purchase. KFOR, the Lincoln City Libraries, Raising Canes and First Nebraska Credit Union also help sponsor the event.

Published: November 21, 2017, Updated: November 22, 2017

"The book I got was 'My Loose Tooth' because I lost three teeth,"

Zakiaha, Hartley first-grader