Everett students full of questions for Navy submarine crew

Six crew members from the Navy missile submarine USS Nebraska visited Everett Elementary School on Sept. 22 and visited classrooms, ate lunch in the cafeteria and answered questions from students.

A lot of questions from students.

“Has there ever been a fire on your submarine?”

(“Yes, but we’re trained to handle them.”)

“What do you do during a big storm?”

(“We take the submarine deeper.”)

“Have you ever crashed into another submarine?

(“No, because we have sonar.”)

“Do you ever see any fish?”

(“No, but I’ve heard whales.”)

The crew members were in Lincoln as part of a Nebraska “namesake” visit that also included a stop in Omaha. On Saturday, they were recognized at the Husker football game vs. Rutgers.

At Everett, they spoke about the importance of math and science in their work, as well as each of their responsibilities on the submarine. They also talked more in general about life on a submarine during their three-month stints at sea - what they wear (blue camouflage uniforms known as their “blueberries”), what they eat (pizza is most popular), how they stay in touch with family (strictly email).

Dylan, a 5th-grader, said he enjoyed hearing from the crew members but didn’t think life on a submarine is in his future.

“That would be hard for me - three months, just sitting around, doing your job,” he said.

One crew member, Lt. Josh Daniels, gave a round of high-fives as he left teacher Jane Stedronsky’s 4th-grade classroom at the end of the visit.

“I’m never washing my hand again!” said a boy who received one of the high-fives.

Published: September 26, 2017, Updated: September 26, 2017