Lincoln High School named most beautiful public HS in Nebraska

Courtesy Yvonne Meyer, LHS

Lincoln High School’s majestic architectural design has long been a source of pride for the school. Now LHS has another reason to be proud, thanks to the magazine that dubs itself the “international authority” on architecture.

Architectural Digest chose the most beautiful public high school in every state and picked LHS for Nebraska. The magazine recently published the list, along with a photo of each school, on its website.

An editor with the magazine contacted LHS Associate Principal Jill Able and told her about the honor.

“We are very proud,” Able said. “There is no other place like it in Lincoln and perhaps the state.”

LHS art teacher Yvonne Meyer provided a photo of the school’s front entrance that was used for the article. She took the photo during the totality phase of the solar eclipse.

“It was a beautiful moment with the combination of natural light with artificial and I was surrounded by crowds of people standing in awe,” Meyer said.

The school was built in 1915 and since then has undergone numerous additions and renovations. Meyer pointed to the Neoclassical architecture of the original part of the building as the likely reason it was chosen for the honor.

“There is something about tall ceilings, huge windows with natural light streaming in, marble elegance and attention to detail - and all of that is apparent in the craftsmanship of this building.”

Published: September 20, 2017, Updated: September 20, 2017