Huntington students follow Prairie Wolves for Red Ribbon Week

Students from Huntington Elementary School on Sept. 12 visited Nebraska Wesleyan University, where Prairie Wolf student-athletes led hundreds of kids through fast-paced, giggle-filled activities involving basketball, football, baseball, softball, track, volleyball and cheerleading.

Huntington visited Wesleyan as part of Red Ribbon Week, a national campaign aimed at preventing youth drug use and promoting healthy life choices. Huntington and Wesleyan have partnered on the annual event for more than 10 years.

Huntington students moved in groups from one station to another both inside and outside the Weary Center for Health and Fitness.

Syncere, a 5th-grader, said his favorite activity was track. He also said he learned a lot from the Wesleyan group leaders.

“To be kind and respectful to parents and don’t do drugs,” he said.

Jayden, another 5th-grader, said besides what he learned about his favorite sport - football - he’ll also remember what the Wesleyan students said many times.

“They said, ‘Don’t do drugs!’”

Huntington has numerous other events planned for the week. Student Ambassadors have decorated sidewalks and areas inside the school. The school’s counselor also has planned activities with the students.

Huntington Principal Rik Devney said the trip to Wesleyan can have an impact on Huntington students in many ways.

“We get kids on a college campus, interacting with student-athletes at Nebraska Wesleyan, promoting physical activity and teamwork,” he said. “This is also an example of a community school working with the resources within the neighborhood. We are fortunate to have Nebraska Wesleyan as a community partner!”


Published: September 14, 2017, Updated: September 14, 2017