ACT scores stay steady, solid: 100 percent student participation

ACT scores for Lincoln Public Schools continued consistent and solid – with results in light of the sixth year in which all LPS high school juniors now take the college-ready test for free.

“We are testing so many more kids who are taking the ACT, and we are more inclusive than ever before – so holding steady indicates we are doing well,” said Leslie Eastman, director of Assessment and Evaluation for LPS. 

As LPS student enrollment increases, more high school juniors take the test every year – a record 2,409 took the test last year – while the composite test score has remained steady with the same composite score over the past four years. 

Before the pilot program began, only about 65 percent of LPS graduates took the ACT, but now virtually 100 percent take the test, one of the most common standardized college entrance examinations, Eastman said.

In April of 2012, LPS started participation in the pilot of what is called the District Choice in-School Testing (DCST) program for the state of Nebraska in which all LPS juniors take the ACT at no cost on a regularly scheduled school day (as opposed to the previous process of paying for the test and taking it on a Saturday morning).

Published: September 7, 2017, Updated: September 7, 2017