Short URLs for LPSers

LPS Jump performs a similar function to other URL shorteners on the web such as bit.ly and Tiny URL. It's job is to take a long or complicated web page address and provide an alternative short address with which the page can be accessed. You can use this tool for LPS addresses, such as your classroom page or for pages outside of LPS such as a news article.

What's with the Colors and Numbers?

Traditional URL shorteners tend to provide addresses that are great for pasting into chats and tweets, but are not so great for entering by hand. We know that this is a problem for classroom use of short URLs. To address this problem, LPS Jump does two things. First, it is not case sensitive so RAB1 is the same as rab1. This will cause far fewer mistakes for those entering codes by hand. Second, LPS Jump provides the option of using cards similar to those found in a popular childrens' game that can represent your address. Clicking on the color/character combinations will take the student to their destination.

So how should I use it?

You can use it however you feel is useful. You can create a link to a page you want others to see and give them a simple URL like http://lps.org/go/rab1, you can write "RAB1" on the whiteboard and direct students to use that keyword on the LPS front page or you can print and distribute jumpcards to your students and let them use the color/character tool to find their web page.


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