8 Great Word Patterns - Level 1

BugbrainED has several levels of apps called "8 Great Word Patterns "(Level 1, Level 1b, Patterns Level 1a, 2a, 2b, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7a, 7b, 8) I'd like to approve. -These apps teach spelling patterns (e.g., VC, CVC, ending digraphs, beginning blends, etc). -It shows on the screen collections of letters they will need color-coded (yellow beginning sounds or digraphs, red medial vowels, white ending digraphs). -It then asks the student to find the letters/digraphs needed to build a word and it has color-coded lines to put the letters on. -Then it asks the Students to point to each part of the word and it makes the sounds of that part when the student touches it. -Then it blends the sounds all together. -Next the Students trace the letters of the word. -Then the Students are asked to write the word from memory and then asked if it looks like the word (shows the word so they can compare). -Finally it shows the word again on the colored lines and asks the student to change the word to another word that is similar (e.g., rich to which or an to am). -At the end it has the student read all of the words that have been practiced and check themselves by touching the word. Then the app says a word and the student must type the word. Really nice checking!

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