Epic! provides a collection of simultaneous use ebooks to elementary readers. Epic! provides free access to educators for use in the classroom and to students between the hours of 6am - 3pm. For home access outside of those hours, a parent subscription is required, which teachers should not promote. Epic! is not a resource purchased by LPS or Library Services and does not offer school or district subscriptions. It is approved by the ITT Committee, but teachers are limited to the free access Epic! provides for schools. Teachers can use Google Classroom to create student profiles. Teachers must login to a device with their own account for students to access their accounts. If you are trying to access an Epic! book shared on a curriculum LibGuide and are unable to do so, please contact the Curriculum Specialist about your concerns. ** LPS Library Services DOES SUPPORT the following alternative and high-quality ebook resources linked in the student portal and on your library website: Sora, MackinVIA, AV2 Nonfiction and Fiction, WorldBook eBooks, ABDO Digital, Lightbox Books (search for 'ebooks' in the LPS Portal) If you would like to learn more about these resources, reach out to your librarian.

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Support provided by Elementary Language Arts Curriculum Department.


* Epic! is only available for free between the hours of 7am and 3pm. * Parent emails should never be provided to Epic! * No fliers or other advertisements should be sent home to encourage parents to purchase a subscription.


Kindergarten – 5th grade




Student account required.
Staff account required.


Website, Chrome, iOS

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