Adobe Photoshop Mix

Transform your photography with Photoshop Mix. Cut out and combine images, change colors and enhance your photos. NOTE: This app is approved for use on Chromebooks but since LPS does not have a 1-1 with iPads for students and there is no way to use this tool with multiple users on the same iPad, the iOS app is denied for student use. NOTE: When we first attempted to use this app on a Chromebook, we were unable to see the buttons to create content. They are there but you have to guess the position. We found that if you use the hamburger menu to go to My Profile and then back to the gallery the buttons would show.

Approval Status

Approved with Parameters

Parent Consent Status

Obtained via PA (Parent Acknowledgement) with Parameters

LPS Student Portal

This application is NOT available via the LPS Student Portal


Not supported at the district level


Students should sign in to their LPS Adobe accounts to store their work.


9th – 12th grades




Student account required.
Staff account required.



AppID: 3442