Class Dojo

ClassDojo is a classroom management tool where the teacher can provide positive recognition through digital points for individual student, group or class behavior. Registration requires a parent email, which is a violation of LPS policy. Teachers may not set up individual student accounts or ask students to enter a parent email. This tool is strictly an in-class tool to be used without individual student accounts. Teachers may not use their own email to set up student accounts. No individual student accounts can be made for LPS Students. Since no accounts for students are created, the portfolio feature will not function as intended.

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LPS Student Portal

This application is NOT available via the LPS Student Portal


Not supported at the district level


Teachers should not use full student names when setting up a class (use initials or first name only, etc. instead of full names) and should not use student pictures attached to the Students in the class. No individual accounts should be set up by or for students. If communicating with parents about the use of Class Dojo, clarify that they do NOT have to join the class (which requires an email) - some parents may choose to join but it is not required. Check Synergy to ensure that you are providing this option only to parents/guardians who have Educational Rights. Additionally, Teachers should use district approved methods of communicating with all parents such as via Synergy and should not use Class Dojo where only participating parents would have access to the information. Since no accounts for students are to be created, the portfolio feature will not work.


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Student account not required.
Staff account required.


Website, iOS

AppID: 331