First Then Visual Schedule HD

This app is one of the best visual schedules to use on a device because you can add as many pictures as needed for a task or the student's day. Real pictures can be uploaded or taken or you can use the symbols that the app has in its library. We use visual schedules with many of our Students as a good instructional strategy to support transitions as the student moves throughout their day. This app also has a timer that you can set up with the transitions. With the app, you would no longer need to carry all the pictures to change out with each transition and you don't have to set up the pictures on the schedule each day.

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No Consent Required

LPS Student Portal

This application is NOT available via the LPS Student Portal


Not supported at the district level


Kindergarten – 12th grade


Purchase Required - Work with Bldg Administrator


Student account not required.
Staff account not required.



AppID: 2397