LPS Strategic Plan


During March and April of 2011, Lincoln Public Schools called together a community-wide strategic planning committee comprised of representatives from the Lincoln business community, Lincoln community organizations, the LPS executive leadership team, LPS teachers, administrators and students - with the goal of assisting the school district in examining its strategic direction. The strategic planning committee clarified the mission statement and identified strategic priorities for LPS. The Lincoln Board of Education reviewed the priorities and established four overarching strategic goals for the School District: (1) Learning, (2) Communications and Public Engagement, (3) Resources, and (4) Facilities. The goals and action steps were approved by the Board of Education. LPS officials are now developing a fifth strategic goal related to technology.

Strategic Plan Goals for Lincoln Public Schools


Lincoln Public Schools will foster all students in learning to their full potential. Increase graduation rate by three percentage points for on-time (four year) graduation rate by 2016—with focus on subgroups graduating below average—and continue to support fifth- and sixth-year graduates. Increase volunteer mentor matches with students by 10 percent by January 1, 2013.

Communications and
Public Engagement

Lincoln Public Schools will strategically engage the public and key stakeholders to support student learning and meet community expectations. LPS will develop a comprehensive public engagement and partnership plan by Sept. 1, 2012.


Lincoln Public Schools will make effective and efficient use of the community’s time, treasure and talents. Continually expand efforts to recruit staff reflective of the diverse demographics of our students, and report annually to the Lincoln Board of Education.


Lincoln Public Schools will provide a safe, comfortable and secure learning environment for students and staff. Continue 10-year facilities plan and expand the scope of annual facilities update, emphasizing well-maintained and high efficiency facilities.