Human Resources


What is ProCom?

Developed in early 1990's, ProCom Membership is 5 to 8 administrators and 5 to 8 Association members along with the district Superintendent and President of LEA. ProCom has been a part of the LEA negotiated agreement since 1992-93

The purpose of ProCom is to discuss overall relations between the parties, exchange information, receive suggestions, consider problems, and discuss improvements. ProCom meets regularly and establishes an annual agenda on which items may be placed during negotiations.

Who is ProCom?

LPS Members for 2009-2010
  • Susan Gourley
  • Nancy Biggs
  • Bill Bucher
  • Susan Cassata
  • Marilyn Moore
  • Mark Shepard
  • Ruth Ann Wylie
LEA Members
  • Jenni Absalon
  • Doreen Ainslie, Mickle
  • Marcia Benner, LHS
  • Michael Geist, Southwest
  • Jim Rea
  • Daniel Ross, Calvert
  • Resa Wiltse, Meadow Lane