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LPS Offers more than one way to access your mail via the web: Convergence and LPS WebMail Lite. Each solution accesses the same data and will allow you to read and compose mail. The newer client, Convergence, offers a more modern interface along with drag-and-drop functionality that lets it behave more like a desktop application. LPS WebMail Lite is much older and while it isn't quite as polished as Convergence, it is more compatible with less-capable browsers and computers.

Get Ready for Zimbra!

The district has selected the Zimbra email/calendar server software and is preparing for a transition to this system over the weekend of semester break. The existing mail/calendar environment will be taken down after work hours on Friday, January 14th. A final synchronization of data to the new system including email, calendar dates and contacts will be performed first, and then the new Zimbra system will be put into production. Based on current estimates the system will become available at some time on Monday, January 17th.

In an effort to provide as much information as possible, a Zimbra web site has been set up that already features a great deal of information with much more to come. Given the mission critical nature of email and calendar, Computing Services is working to make this transition as seamless as possible. In addition to the Zimbra web site, a Zimbra Update will be published via email each Monday through January 17th. Please review these updates for important information related to the transition.

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