2018 VOICE Graduation Ceremony

On May 21, 52 students who participate in the Lincoln Public Schools Vocational Opportunity In Community Experience (VOICE) were recognized for completing the program. 

In addition to their certificates, four participants were also honored by staff with special awards.

Phoebe Hibbs

Phoebe Hibbs
VOICE Achievement Award

This award is given to the student who has shown excellent improvement. The student selected for this award shows tremendous growth in independence, work ethic and work social skills. 


Taylor Woods


Taylor Woods
Lori Hunt Award

This award is given to the student who exhibits a positive attitude and inspires others. 


Luis Ortiz-Gaytan

Luis Ortiz-Gaytan
John Denkovich Award

This honor is awarded to the student who has shown to be a hard worker and friendly.


Brian Thompson

Brian Thopmson
David Elias Award

This award is given to a VOICE Alum who has successfully completed a year of employment and independence.



Published: June 7, 2018, Updated: June 7, 2018