LSW Runner-up at State Speech

Congratulations to the Lincoln Southwest High School Speech Team for being named Runner-up at the 2018 State High School Speech Tournament with 156 points. East High School placed third with 124 points.

Here are the individual medal winners from Lincoln Public Schools:

Duet Acting
1ST PLACE - Benjamin Czapla & Tyler Walvoord (LSW)
2ND PLACE - Ian Maltas & Mary Pinnell (LSW)

Entertainment Speaking
3RD PLACE - Zoe Keese (EHS)
4TH PLACE - Tatum Johnson (LSW)
5TH PLACE - Griffin Presnell (LSE)

Extemporaneous Speaking
5TH PLACE - Ellie Woody (EHS)
6TH PLACE - Kali Mansur (LSW)

Informative Speaking
3RD PLACE - Taylor Jarvis (EHS)
6TH PLACE - Alec Ferris (EHS)

Oral Interpretation of Drama
3RD PLACE - EHS: Benjamin Laws, Cambry Waddell, Sammy Burchell, Savannah Mayer, Turner Thompson

Oral Interpretation of Humorous Prose
2ND PLACE - Katrina Schleich (EHS)
3RD PLACE - Benjamin Czapla (LSW)
6TH PLACE - Tatum Johnson (LSW)

Oral Interpretation of Poetry
2ND PLACE - Emma Jewell (EHS)
5TH PLACE - Mary Pinnell (LSW)

Oral Interpretation of Serious Prose
3RD PLACE - Kameron Heimes (LSW)
5TH PLACE - Zoey Moser (LSW)

Persuasive Speaking
2ND PLACE - Zoe Keese (EHS)
3RD PLACE - Trevor Gill (LSW)
5TH PLACE - Preston Sorensen (LSW)


Published: March 22, 2018, Updated: March 23, 2018