Online training is now available for all Lincoln Public Schools employee groups required to take the annual suicide awareness/prevention training as required by school personnel law approved by the Nebraska State Legislature in 2014.

Those required to take the online training include: nurses, teachers, counselors, school psychologists, administrators, social workers, health technicians, treatment nurses, occupational therapists, physical therapists, sign language interpreters, service coordinators, SLPs, Bilingual Liaisons, Youth Development Team members, Campus Security, Early Childhood Student Parent Advocates, and para educators including SEMs. 

*All groups are expected to have the training completed by October 18, 2017.

Any employee (including substitutes) who is not required to take the training can still take it if they choose to do so.

A software program by Kognito has been chosen by the Nebraska Department of Education as a training tool that will cover this requirement for all school districts in Nebraska.  Employees will take this training individually online.

**The Kognito software is not part of LPS system, so our LPS credentials will not work.  Those of you who took the training last year established your own credentials for the Kognito training. You will need to reset your password if you do not remember it. All new LPS employees and/or those who did not take the training last year, will need to establish new credentials.

PLEASE NOTE: If you took this training last year, please know you DO need to take it again this year.  

Follow these steps to recertify:

1)     Log in to your Kognito account and click on the tile at the top of the screen for the simulation you wish to re-certify.

2)     Click on the “Need to recertify?” link to the left of the RE-LAUNCH button. (DO NOT click the RE-LAUNCH button as that will not create the certificate required for recertification.)

3)     A prompt will appear asking you to reset the simulation to the beginning. Click RESET COURSE to reset the simulation. This may take a moment to process.
(**IMPORTANT** You must reset the simulation in order to receive an updated certificate. However, you only need to reset the simulation once! Resetting again before you complete the simulation will erase your progress.)

4)     Once the system updates, you will see the RE-LAUNCH button change to LAUNCH and your course status will show “Previous Completion.” Note that the “Need to Recertify?” link will disappear. Click on the LAUNCH to start and complete the simulation to receive your updated Certificate of Completion.

To view an instructional video on this feature, please go to:

If you have not yet taken the training, and/or are new to Lincoln Public Schools, please go to the following link for instructions on how to sign in, establish a new ID and password:

For everyone:

If you have issues with Kognito login or software:

  • FIRST, find a possible solution in this Troubleshooting Guide.
  • SECOND, email for technical support. This is NOT an LPS software solution, so we are not able to assist with any technical issues.
  • If you have any questions that are not related to the software or logging in, please contact me at or by calling (402) 436-1650.

Other necessary information:

  • When you finish the training, you will be able to download a certificate - this is for your benefit.  Your principals and supervisors will receive a monthly report on who has completed the training.
  • Staff assigned to multiple buildings should choose the level and school where they have the greatest number of students. District itinerant staff will be assigned to LPSDO and not a school.  If you have questions, please check with your direct supervisor.  Classified staff are to participate in the training during normal work hours when classes are not in session. 

Thank you for your continued work and dedication in making Lincoln Public Schools a safe and welcoming place for the students of our community.    

Published: July 20, 2017, Updated: July 20, 2017