Other Important Benefits Reminders

PayFlex:  If you are enrolled in the flexible spending account (PayFlex), and you are completing the school year, you have until August 31, 2017 to spend your flexible spending account.  You can logon to the PayFlex website, and submit claims, check account balance, etc.  The money that you do not use is forfeited!  Don't forget! 
Vision Service Plan:  If you have our vision insurance, it is NOT through Blue Cross and Blue is Vision Service Plan (VSP).  More information is on the Benefits website.  You will not receive a VSP ID card.  You can locate in-network providers by going to  
Changing Benefits:  If you have a Qualifying Event during the school year, make sure to notify Benefits within 30 days.
Name Change:  After you have changed your name with the Social Security office, please bring your Social Security card with your new name to Payroll (3rd floor, LPSDO).
Address Change:  If you are moving this summer, please update your address in ICE.


Published: May 17, 2017, Updated: May 17, 2017