Students add to menu of accomplishments with national culinary business event

Southwest students include: Anna Vosicky, Nora Klein, Austin Micek and Josue Aleman Montoya.

For the first time, student-teams from Lincoln Public Schools qualified for a national culinary business competition. Teams from Lincoln Southwest High School and The Career Academy attended, competed and built upon their skill sets.

They presented their business plan in April at the National ProStart Competition in Charleston, SC in Culinary Management. Southwest students include: Anna Vosicky, Nora Klein, Austin Micek and Josue Aleman Montoya.

In this podcast, we talk with two students from Southwest, Nora, a senior, and Anna, a junior. Here are a few highlights:

Nora Klein, senior

“It was very rewarding and a really great experience. We got to learn a lot about the management side of culinary, like we got to learn about making a whole restaurant and all the marketing involved and employing people and everything like that. So it was a great experience.”

“It was definitely a competition. You really got a lot of info from the judges after your competition. They give you a lot of feedback and help you improve a lot on your performance in your restaurant or how well your did in culinary. So it was a lot of education.”

Anna Vosicky, junior

“We were all in a food prep and presentation class, which is an upper-level culinary class (staff at Southwest) offer, and the teacher started talking about it one day, and we just all decided that we really wanted to do it.”

“Compared to the lower level class, we do a lot more cooking. In lower-level classes you are both learning the theoretical side of it like, how hot do you need your chicken to be for it to be safe to eat,’ and that kind of thing. But the upper level class is basically cooking every day. That was a lot of fun for me.”

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Published: March 31, 2017, Updated: June 2, 2017