Students honor teachers as part of school supply drive

The Career Academy's (TCA) K-12 Education and Early Childhood Education Career Pathway students conducted a school supplies drive earlier this winter and surprised seven LPS classrooms with a big box of supplies as gifts for teachers and students. Indigo Books and Bluestem Bookstore contributed with substantial donations to this effort.

TCA Education Pathway students wanted to give back to the teachers who have made such a great impact on them. These TCA students collected over $600 worth of supplies to share with the teachers who made such a difference in their lives.

The classrooms or teachers selected to receive the school supplies are:

  • Min Gao - Lincoln High School, ELL Educare
  • Eric Dunnigan - Saratoga Elementary School, special education
  • Karen Langan - Cavett Elementary School, kindergarten
  • Rebecca Hughes - Prescott Elementary School, fifth grade
  • Allison Arndt - Lux Middle School, math and science
  • Melinda Johnson - Lincoln Northeast High School, world language

The Career Academy is a joint venture between Lincoln Public Schools and Southeast Community College where high school juniors and seniors spend two hours of their high school day in hands-on experiential college classes in one of 20 career pathways to help them with their college and career readiness skills. Education Pathway students at The Career Academy earn up to one full year of college credit and work with Cooperating Teachers in Practicum Experiences as juniors and seniors in high school.

Published: March 22, 2017, Updated: March 22, 2017