Staff improvement ties back to school goals

Jeanette Dorn, School Librarian, Lincoln Northeast High School

Lincoln Public Schools encourages and provides teachers excellent and quality staff development opportunities district-wide for individuals in all curricular areas; and also for classified and administrative staff to possibly acclimate themselves to new positions or new applications.  

Staff development is an avenue to keep teachers fresh and lifelong learners.  However,  additional staff development is provided for certified staff at their buildings which is focused by individual principals and administration.

At Northeast, many staff development decisions begin with the School Improvement (SI) Team. The SI members represent all curricular areas plus the administrative team.  

They meet once a month and discuss agenda items that include communication, student engagement, improving achievement, instructional strategies, and cultural proficiency.  Subcommittees are formed to focus on what staff can do to help their students be successful at Northeast and after they graduate hoping they, too, become lifelong learners.  

From these conversations, staff volunteers to pursue additional staff development in the summer focusing on our district and building goals using the LPS Staff Development catalog and/or other local/national conferences.  Upon completion of these learning options, groups of staff work during the summer to prepare staff for 10.5 hours of development the first week of school; and monthly meetings throughout the year.

The instructional coach, school librarian, associate principal, and principal along with the technology coordinator for LPS Computing services meet once a month to plan an agenda for the CLASS  (Connected Learning for the Achievement of Students and Staff) technology committee.  

During the meeting itself, subcommittees are formed and staff are busy creating Google forms to survey teachers about what they feel they need to help our students be successful.  Surveys are also used to harness information from students about what they feel they need to be successful as students are transitioning from paper/pencil assessments to digital assessments in a paperless environment. 

Staff Development is essential to keep teachers learning through the 21st century, and also helps teachers develop plans to keep students engaged and active learners.

Published: December 29, 2016, Updated: December 29, 2016