Meet Connie Duncan

Connie Duncan
District 2
Elected May 2015
LPS Board Vice President

What high school(s) did you attend/graduate from?
Lincoln Northeast High School

What college(s) did you attend/graduate from and your degrees?
Nebraska Wesleyan-Bachelor of Arts in Music Performance, UNL teaching certificate and graduate work in special education.

What is your profession?
I was a teacher for LPS for 17 years. The last five years I was a retention specialist for the Learn to Dream Scholarship at Southeast Community College. When I decided to run for the LPS Board I retired from SCC to focus all of my attention on learning about our school system. I am now on many nonprofit boards in our community.

How would you describe yourself?
I would describe myself as someone who is dedicated. When I married my husband and we decided to have children I dedicated myself to being the best wife and mother. As a special education teacher I was extremely dedicated to my students. Now as a board member I am dedicated to our public schools.

What school memory from when you were a student still impacts you today?
The Lincoln Northeast Marching Band! We were the best in the city. I have so many memories of marching band contests, football games. The best times!

What was your favorite class/subject in school and why?
Orchestra and band because it was my passion. I also loved English because I love writing.

What are the biggest challenges facing our schools today?
The changing economic demographics of Lincoln is our biggest challenge today.

What do you hope for the children in our community?
I hope that all of our children feel loved and accepted.

What legacy do you hope to leave at LPS when your service on the board is finished?
Our schools are good and we want to keep them good. I hope that we will maintain the quality of our schools and to do this we need to continue to be as transparent as possible.

What is your favorite LPS story from Fall 2015?
I loved hearing the Sheridan and Lincoln Southeast students sing at the United Way kickoff breakfast this past fall. They were amazing. I was on the stage and I had to wipe a tear away because I was so moved by their voices.

Published: January 22, 2016, Updated: January 20, 2017