Review of proposed attendance area changes for 2022–23

The opening of three new schools gives the Lincoln Board of Education the unique opportunity to review projected city growth and adjust current school attendance boundaries to fully and efficiently utilize existing and future building space. The Board Planning Committee presented the proposed school boundary changes to the full Board during a June 8, 2021 work session.

The Board Planning Committee has been meeting with staff to gather information, look at data and draft a proposal for boundary changes. The next step in the process will be to provide the proposal information to the community through a special webpage on the Lincoln Public Schools website. During that time, community feedback will be gathered through a form on the website and reviewed by the committee. There will also be multiple public forums scheduled in August. Adjustments to the proposal will then be made based on the feedback provided and a final proposal will be presented to the Board for approval in late August or early September. The boundary changes would not take effect until the 2022–23 school year.

Planning Committee Chair Bob Rauner commented about the process, “These are proposed boundary changes and are not a full recommendation yet. The public will have multiple opportunities to comment and provide feedback through the webpage and community forums both in-person and virtually.”

Any students impacted by the proposed changes in 2022–23 would be able to remain in their current attendance center based on Board Policy 5122, which in part states: “Students in attendance at a specific school may be permitted to complete their education at that attendance center if the boundary is changed, placing the family in another attendance center.” In addition, eighth-graders living within the LPS boundaries will still be able to choose any high school to attend their freshman year by January 31 of the previous year. If a high school is not requested by the first day of school, the student will attend their attendance area school.

Explore and Ask Questions

Please use the map below to explore changes to Elementary, Middle and High School Boundaries. If you have questions, we would encourage you to see if it has been answered in the Questions and Answers section below. If it has not, please use the provided form to ask us or attend one of our public forums in August.

Board Work Session Video

Public Forums

Join LPS Staff and the Lincoln Board of Education for a special presentation on the proposed Attendance Area Changes. Afterwards there will be an opportunity to ask questions and give feedback.

  • August 3, 5:00 p.m.
    Scott Middle School
  • August 4, 5:00 p.m.
    Meadow Lane Elementary School

At anytime you can view previously asked Questions and their Answers below OR use the provided form to ask us your own.

Proposed Boundary Changes Map

Using the map below

  • Use the rectangular icon in the upper left corner to view the available maps
  • Use your mouse scroll wheel OR the plus/minus buttons in bottom left to zoom in and out
  • Click and drag on map to pan around to different areas of the city.


Middle or Elementary School: If you want to see if your home at 1801 S 40th St will be moving to a new attendance area, you would open the map drawer (rectangle icon in top left) and turn on the "Elementary School Study Areas" and/or the "Middle School Study Areas" layers. Next, zoom in to your home's address. If your home's location is inside a colored area, clicking on it will reveal the change to that location. In this instance, 1801 S 40th St is moving from Sheridan to Holmes Elementary.

High School: If you want to see what high school your home at 1445 K St will be part of in 2023, you would open the map drawer (rectangle icon in top left) and turn on only the "High Schools Fall 2023" layer. You could then zoom in to your home's address and find that this home would attend Lincoln High School.

Questions and Answers

I have two elementary-aged children and our home is in an area designated to change attendance areas. Will my children need to change schools?

No. Any students already attending a school will continue to attend that school. Additionally, younger siblings would be able to attend the same school as their older brother/sister(s) when they are old enough to attend. See Board Policy 5122 for more information

Has the Board reviewed the Culler attendance area? The area around Robinson Elementary seems a long way from Culler.

Yes, the Board reviewed all school boundaries based on capacity and enrollment. The development around Robinson Elementary School was assigned to Culler when the land was annexed by the City. Middle School boundaries are bigger and often serve larger areas.

Will the new high schools enroll seniors in the first year of opening?

New high schools will be open to students 9-12. Course offerings may vary based on the enrollment and staffing.

Is the plan to continue with open high school enrollment by permitting students entering 9th grade to select whichever high school they want to attend?

Yes, that is the current plan.

When is the deadline for students entering 9th grade to select a high school?

Incoming 9th grade students must submit the High School Selection Form to attend a high school other than their assigned high school by January 31st of their 8th grade year. Students requesting a high school transfer after January 31st may be considered and may be approved at the district’s discretion.

How will the proposed changes impact enrollment at Roper and are there plans to change the traffic flow?

Roper is projected to have 870 students this fall. Historically, the school enrollment has been as high as 900 students. Roper has capacity for over 1,000 students. There are no plans to add driveways or access points to the traffic flow.

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