Nutrition Services


Vacancies within the Nutrition Services Department are listed on the on-line Lincoln Public Schools Recruitment System. To apply on-line, visit the LPS Home Page, click on Human Resources and click on Employment Opportunities. You will find a link at the bottom of the page that will direct you to the on-line Recruitment System. You will first need to create a user name and password to utilize the system. The on-line application takes approximately 45 minutes to complete. Make sure to include e-mail addresses for all references. Once the on-line application is complete, an applicant may apply for posted positions.

Human Resources screen all applicants. The Human Resources staff then determines who will be selected for the interview process. The interview process includes an interview with both the Human Resource staff as well as Nutrition Services staff. A recipe quiz is a part of the Nutrition Services interview process.

The Nutrition Services Department employs approximately 360 foodservice workers and itinerant foodservice workers. The Nutrition Services Department also employs an additional 60-70 substitute foodservice workers.

The majority of foodservice workers and itinerant foodservice workers work between the hours of 9:00 am and 2:00 pm. The average shift is 4.5 hours in duration with a 30 minute unpaid lunch break. Foodservice workers and itinerant foodservice workers follow a 176 or a 180 day calendar. The 2015/2016 starting wage is $11.80/hour plus benefits. Itinerant foodservice workers are not assigned to one particular school, but instead travel from school to school, filling in as needed on a daily (schools days) basis.

Substitute foodservice workers have flexibility to their work schedule and utilize the automated subFinder system to pick up job assignments. There is no guarantee of a job assignment each day. The 2015/2016 wage is $10.96/hour.

There are opportunities for advancement within the Nutrition Services Department and include Head Cook, Head Baker, Manager Trainee and Manager positions.

The daily duties of a foodservice worker include basic food preparation and portioning, serving, cashiering, dishwashing and general cleanup duties. The work is very fast paced and physically demanding. There is an emphasis on proper food handling, sanitation, safety and customer service. All staff are required to have at least a Prep/Cook Level food handlers permit issued from the LLCHD (Lincoln Lancaster County Health Department) prior to their first day of employment. All Nutrition Services staff wears an approved uniform, and are responsible for the cost of the uniform items.

To be considered for a position with the Nutrition Services Department, complete a Classified Application Form with Human Resources.