Facilities and Maintenance



Clark L.

   Clark Liesveld

   Grounds Superintendent




The Grounds Department is responsible for the installation and/or maintenance of outdoor playground and athletic equipment, concrete and asphalt surfacing, landscaping, and site fencing.   They have the equipment to perform larger site grading and earthwork projects.

They also are responsible for providing lawn care for over 419 acres of Lincoln Public Schools' property.  Snow removal can become a challenge, with over 144 acres of parking lots and playground slabs and almost 30 miles of sidewalks, to have all areas cleared before the beginning of a school day, but the Grounds Department is committed to completing snow removal as quickly as possible.




   Troy Gold

    Assistant Grounds Superintendent






ARCHIBUS Room Reservation

Posted on May 13, 2016

LPS Design Guidelines

Access this page to download a copy of the LPS Design Guidelines for our construction projects.

Posted on March 21, 2016