Human Resources

Human Resources Core Staff

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Eric Weber
Associate Superintendent for Human Resources
Eric Weber assists in the selection process of district administrators. He is responsible for the staff appraisal process, professional growth, staffing allocations, disciplinary action, district Title IX officer and EAP referrals. The Human Resources Division is directly responsible for all personnel functions as well as Risk Management, Staff Development and employee benefits.

Mary Hiller
Secretary to Associate Superintendent, Human Resources
Provide office support to the Associate Superintendent, Human Resources. Assist with teacher appraisal process, Scottish Rite Award, assist with administrator vacancies.

Jeff Gade
Background Investigation Specialist
Conduct thorough background checks on applicants and employees.

Jean Clough
LPSDO Receptionist
Direct incoming LPSDO calls, schedule conference rooms, provide tutor list, direct LPSDO visitors to departments.

Lisa Morehouse
Office Manager
Supervise office support staff, coordinate office functions, payroll, prepare board agenda, vacancy bulletin and advertising.

Harriett Jay
Employee Records Secretary
Maintain employee and applicant files.

Grady Blase
Technical Assistant
Responsible for teacher certification, seniority lists, assist with preparation of state and federal reports.

Dianne Kreick
Direct incoming calls, greet patrons, register teaching certificates, receive employment applications and transfer forms.

Jennifer Bahr
Scanning Secretary
Responsible for scanning HR documents.